About Us

WM Technologies is a full service software development and consulting organisation. We offer practical, flexible, and affordable solutions. We help companies and government organizations innovate, save budget, rescue timelines, and establish peace of mind. Our knowledge and expertise in custom application development allows us to consistently deliver successful solutions in areas of Cloud, Mobile, Enterprise, and Business Intelligence.


We are not just software developers or programmers. We are analysts and problem solvers who thrive on finding creative and effective solutions to complex problems. Our team is a well-oiled and fine-tuned software development machine, working across multiple platforms. Our capabilities span across system and information architecture, software engineering and user experience and interface design.


Our attitude is to “wow!”our clients. When our company engages a client we want them to say “That was awesome. They really made a difference. I can’t wait to tell someone.” We love it when clients achieve their goals, earn their numbers, and leave their competitors in the dust. In short, we strive to be the secret behind our customer’s success.

Cloud Solutions(Home Page) Companies are increasingly looking to leverage the power and flexibility of cloud solutions to save money and better serve clients.